Circle Square

Vita Student

“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” Alan Turing

People and pioneers. Individuals and innovators. They leave home to learn. They seek experience and opportunity.
University life at Circle Square is unlike life in any other city. You’re living in a city that’s already changed the world. And at Vita Student, you can change it again.
Vita Student understands the importance of experience. It’s what modern students are about, so it’s what we’re about. You’ll see and feel it in every space and every face. In the national awards we win, the parties we host, and the living and study environments we provide. Moments that’ll last a lifetime. Moments away from some of Europe’s greatest educational institutions, Vita Student at Circle Square sets new standards for student accommodation.

It features waterside living, duplex apartments with private terraces, movie rooms, private dining rooms, bigger-than-ever-before social hubs, and the events programme that helped Vita Student change the way people think about university life and accommodation. There’s more: if opportunity doesn’t knock, common thinking says build a door. But Vita Student at Circle Square thinks bigger. Recognising the amount of talent and probing minds calling this place home, we’re providing an incubator hub. It’s designed to encourage graduate retention through the support of start-ups and entrepreneurial ideas – and ideas and start-ups in this neighbourhood don’t stay small for long – in fact, they can quickly change the world.



Circle Square

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