Circle Square

A new green space in Manchester city centre

An inviting focal point both for the Circle Square neighbourhood and for visitors.

Circle Square features the first and largest new city park for generations with over 100 semi-mature trees; over 1000 flowers, plants and shrubs and a beautiful landscaped space the size of a football pitch. Surrounded by shops, restaurants, bars and
cafes, this rare and valuable green space in the city is a place where people can catch their breath, relax and interact.

We need you to help shape this space… a space that will be the size of a football pitch. What do you want your green city to look like? Do you have an innovative idea of how we can create the best green city? Submit your ideas here 

Behind the greenery

Circle Square will transform the landscape and capture the minds of everyone who will live, work and socialise here. A rare and valuable green space at the heart of this neighbourhood, it will offer a colourful and distinctive landscape where people can meet, connect and collaborate – and as part of the Circle Square community, achieve extraordinary things.

Heritage and new culture will be embraced in the extensive selection of plants which originate from different areas of the globe and will provide colour and vibrancy all year round. This beautiful place has been designed to ensure there is the perfect balance of autochthonous species to maintain a healthy ecosystem as well as ornamental plants from across the world to provide beauty for the neighbourhood.

Circle Square

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