Circle Square

Circle Square's Masterplan

Where scale, density and proximity equal creativity

Circle square has a masterplan that masters the art of using physical space, scale, density and proximity to create a new kind of collaborative community. Surrounded by leaders in the arts, science, technology and business, this beautifully designed, architecturally interesting, green and pleasant place brings forward-thinking people and progressive businesses closer together, on a human scale. So that in its offices, apartments, shops, bars and restaurants, minds will meet. Randomly. Intentionally. Sharing. Co-operating. To enable the extraordinary.

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Welcome to a square called Circle, a place where you can expect the unexpected and maybe make the extraordinary happen. A place where talents collide and exceptional people live next door to brilliant businesses. Where artists rub shoulders with analysts. Artisan bakers meet scientific innovators. And life, work and leisure come together.

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Circle Square

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