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5 ways to make you happy this January

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Circle Square is Manchester’s newest city centre neighbourhood located on Oxford Road at the heart of Corridor Manchester. It is an extraordinary space surrounded by world class centres of knowledge, science and business, art, music and dance.

By 2019, Circle Square will provide an environment where talent is celebrated and progressive businesses prosper – an ideal place to rest our souls and feel happier all year round.

But we don’t want you to wait that long to be content. We want to spread our good vibes and to turn gloomy January into Happy January with these tips.


1. Be active

January is a great time to be active. Exercise can help you to relax while increasing your brain power. Why not discover a new sport or activity that suits you? On Corridor Manchester you can get involved with dance classes at Dance house, go for a swim at the Aquatics centre or jump on your bike and cycle round the intriguing Circle Square development.

Did you know that one walk around Circle Square can take up to 1,000 steps? This alone accounts for ten per cent of the 10,000 steps you should be taking each day.


2. Move closer to work

A long commute can be frustrating, and no one wants to spend hours stuck in traffic or sat on public transport. By moving closer to your office you can avoid commuting stresses and incorporate exercise with an enjoyable walk to work. According the Office of National Statistics (ONS), those who have a long commute have lower life satisfaction, are less happy and are more anxious than those with short commutes.

In recent years, Manchester has seen the number of mixed neighbourhoods increase, where employees live within the same locality as their workplace.

Did you know that once completed Circle Square will bring together 1.5m sq ft of commercial space and over 1,200 new homes into a unique new neighbourhood.


3. Spend time with the ones you love

Numerous studies have proven that the time we spend with friends and family impacts greatly on how happy we feel. Even if you don’t feel like it this month, making the effort to see your loved ones will certainly cheer you up.

Did you know that by 2019, Circle Square will provide you with the perfect setting for social meet-ups with 250km of public leisure areas and green spaces.


4. Smile!

Do something that makes you smile!  According to research from Manchester Metropolitan University, engaging arts like painting, dance, music and storytelling can increase our psychological well being and lower levels of anxiety and depression. Researchers found that those who engage in the arts felt happier and more confident.

Did you know that right on the doorstep of Circle Square you can enjoy numerous arts, culture and music events at venues like the Royal Northern College of Music, Dance House, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Museum and the Palace Theatre.


5. Share positive vibes!

We can all be happier by generally being positive. Think of things in your life that you are grateful for. By recognising these you can improve your life satisfaction while decreasing depressive symptoms. Manchester University conducted a study that revealed being surrounded by positive people actually helps those suffering from depression and can also prevent the onset of mental illness altogether.

Help us spread positive thoughts. Tell us what your recipe is for turning Blue Monday into a Happy Monday using #CsqHappyMonday.

If you’re still feeling blue we’re sure that a little bit of what you fancy does you good! This Monday January 16th at Circle Square (Charles Street with Oxford Road), where we will be giving away to anyone passing by free chocolates from 11 – 2pm.


Circle Square

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